Diabetes Primetime: Taking Care of Your Heart with Diabetes

https://youtu.be/9vxVTnaYdJo Heart disease is the most common complication of #diabetes… learn how to prevent it AND what to do after a diagnosis of high blood pressure or high cholesterol on this fantastic episode of Diabetes Primetime with endocrinologist Dr. Enrique Caballero! For more episodes of Diabetes Primetime, click here.  

Diabetes Primetime: The Ups & Downs of Diabetes

Missed our episode where we spoke about how to handle the things about diabetes that drive you crazy? Psychologist Dr. Michael Vallis shared six tips below… – Give yourself credit for your efforts, even if your blood sugar numbers aren’t exactly where you’d like them to be! Whether it be reducing late night snacks, going…

Diabetes Primetime: What To Know About Ultra-Processed Foods

On this episode of Diabetes Primetime, we’re talking with diabetes dietitian Melinda Maryniuk about how we can read the food label to know which foods are the best choice and getting her tips for making cooking at home EASIER. 6 Takeaways from Melinda: Michael Pollan says to live by these words: “Eat real food. Mostly…

Diabetes Primetime: Conquering Habit Hunger

Many of us eat more calories than we realize from mindless eating or what psychologist Dr. Paul Davidson calls “habit hunger.” He’s sharing his suggestions for how to cut down on this kind of snacking and some great ideas of easy healthy substitutes for common trigger foods on this episode! Never miss a Diabetes- What…
Veggies and Fruit

Diabetes Primetime: Healthy Eating Made Easier

There are skills we can develop to make it easier to achieve our goals, and we’re talking with dietitian Nada Abualoon about what they are and how we can put them into practice. We’ll also cover why getting a meal plan or being told what to eat isn’t the answer for sustainable weight loss… and…

Diabetes Primetime: Tips For Keeping Weight Off!

  Strategies for losing weight and keeping it off is what we’re talking with #diabetes dietitian Hope Warshaw about on this fantastic episode of Diabetes Primetime. Get her tips for easy, healthy meals, simple meal prep ideas and more! For more episodes of Diabetes Primetime, click here.

Diabetes Primetime: The Ups and Downs Of Diabetes

Managing diabetes can be challenging. We’re covering practical suggestions for dealing with these everyday frustrations so that we can thrive with diabetes and enjoy a long, healthy life! Psychologist Dr. Susan Guzman is our guest for this awesome episode of Diabetes Primetime! For more episodes of Diabetes Primetime, click here.

Diabetes Primetime: Overcoming Binge Eating

Did you miss our episode on overcoming binge eating? Read the 5 main takeaways from our discussion with Dr. Michael Vallis below… Overeating is more common when we’re tired, often after dinner-time or late at night. Become aware of your high-risk times of the day – times where we commonly, or are more likely to,…

Diabetes Primetime: Enjoying the Foods We Love!

On this episode of Diabetes Primetime, we talk with dietitian Lorena Drago about how to eat a healthy diabetes diet while still enjoying the foods that we really love. She shares her favorite tips for giving food flavor without adding fat or salt, how to make our favorite recipes healthier, what people with diabetes need…

All About Diabetes Primetime

Diabetes Primetime is a program for people with diabetes, showcasing interviews with diabetes experts on a range of topics: preventing complications, eating a healthy diet, staying on track, coping with diabetes distress and more. To watch all of our previous episodes of Diabetes Primetime, click here. Popular Episodes: Conquering Habit Hunger Many of us eat…