Diabetes Primetime: Real Life Health Tips

In this episode, hear Dr. Kim Colangelo share her real life solutions for common struggles of maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Watch the show here:

Read five takeaways from the video below:

  1. The first step towards a lifestyle change is setting realistic goals. Is it achievable? Accessible? Within your means? Set a realistic goal that you can stick to for success.
  2. Ultra-processed foods, like many “fast foods,” digest in our bodies much differently than nutritious, whole foods. This means that 100 calories of french fries can leave you feeling much more hungry than eating 100 calories of nuts. Whole foods can be much more satiating.
  3. One of the biggest barriers to eating healthy is time. We live busy lives, and Dr. Colangelo says the best way to beat that is through planning. Practices such as meal prepping with spreadsheets, apps, or even on a simple piece of paper can help ensure a healthy meal everyday for you and your family.
  4. Physical activity is an amazing tool with many benefits, but not as much for weight management. Although it is recommended to participate in physical activity everyday, it is better equipped as a strategy for weight maintenance rather than weight loss. Don’t feel discouraged if it isn’t working for you!
  5. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can be very helpful to overcome barriers such as negative thoughts or biases impacting how you see yourself that aren’t accurate. CBT can help reframe these thoughts and build behaviors that are more conducive to meeting & succeeding your goals.

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