Diabetes Primetime: Overcoming Binge Eating

Did you miss our episode on overcoming binge eating? Read the 5 main takeaways from our discussion with Dr. Michael Vallis below…

  1. Overeating is more common when we’re tired, often after dinner-time or late at night. Become aware of your high-risk times of the day – times where we commonly, or are more likely to, eat in a way that doesn’t align with our health goals. This can help prevent overeating or uncontrolled eating.
  2. A “binge” is when [around] 3-4,000 calories are consumed in a short period of time, leading to shame and regret. Binges differ from uncontrolled eating – feeling out of control with food – which is more common and often mistakenly referred to as binge eating.
  3. Eating mindfully can prevent overeating. Eating without distractions, such as not looking at your phone or watching TV, is a great way to do this!
  4. As a strategy to combat uncontrolled eating, find another non-food related activity that provides you with a similar sense of comfort that food would provide, ie: a relaxing warm bath, talking on the phone with a friend, or even doing yoga, so we avoid turning only to food in stressful times!
  5. Depriving or restricting yourself from any type of food (especially our favorite treats!) can easily lead to overeating. Remember to include all foods in moderation.
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