In our video about how to use your meter to learn about your diabetes, we talked about testing before and after a meal to learn how that meal affects your blood sugar. We also quoted the American Diabetes Association guidelines that say that blood sugar should be less than 180 mg / dL two hours after the first bite of a meal.

It’s been brought to our attention by the wonderful Bob Fenton who writes a fabulous blog for people with type 2 diabetes (be sure to check it out here) that the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists have a different guideline for post-meal blood sugars and it’s THOSE guidelines that many in the diabetes community feel are more effective at preventing complications. AACE recommends that blood sugar should be less than 140 two hours after the first bite of a meal– to read more about this, click here to read Alan Shanley’s fantastic article about blood glucose guidelines and why he chooses to follow the AACE recommendation. There is also a wealth of information about blood glucose testing, targets and how to lower blood sugar here.

Some in the diabetes community feel that 180 is a more attainable number (see an interesting article from the wonderful Wil Dubois about that), but 140 certainly comes closer to what the blood sugar level of someone WITHOUT diabetes is two hours after a meal. Now we want to hear from you… what’s your perspective on post-meal blood sugars? What are you targeting?

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