We’ve talked and written a LOT about why it’s so important to test your blood sugar (watch our video about that here)– here are the two main reasons why:

#1 It can give you the information you need to know about how different foods, activities and situations impact your blood sugar– what does a certain food or meal do to your blood sugar?  Testing in pairs can help you figure it out.

#2 It can tell your healthcare professional whether your medications are doing their job to keep your blood sugar in range.

In short, testing lets you know what’s happening with your diabetes overall.  So when you test your blood sugar, do you write the numbers down or record them in some kind of log?  There are a lot of good reasons to do just that, and the folks at mySugr (a really popular diabetes app– check it out here) have written about three of them here. Here’s what we learned:

First and foremost, writing down your test results, keeping track of them and bringing to your appointment with your HCP helps your doctor know whether the medications that he/she has prescribed are actually working to keep your blood sugar in the right range.  Everybody is different, and as we’ve said before, diabetes can change over time, so it’s really important that they have data on what’s happening with your blood sugar to know how to tweak your medicines.

Second, when you’re keeping track of your blood sugar and seeing how it changes based on what you DO, it may motivate you to go for a ten-minute walk (Have you tested before and after exercise?  Try it! … It’s amazing to see the difference that exercise can make on your blood sugar) or maybe have a piece of fruit instead of a cookie.

If you have a smartphone, you may want to give the mySugr app a try– many people rave about it– or if you’d prefer to stick to the old-fashioned pen and paper (which is just as effective!), here’s a free logbook that you can print out and use.  Let us know in the comments what you’ve learned from writing your test results down for a few days.

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