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Are you overwhelmed by diabetes?

Finding out you have diabetes can be confusing and stressful. There are so many questions, but it’s not easy to find good information…

We have the solution.

Diabetes– What To Know is a free program for people with type 2 diabetes. Our videos and emails will help you build the skills and knowledge you need to live a long and healthy life.

Once you sign up, you’ll get the information you need about living healthy with diabetes delivered right to your email inbox. You’ll also have access to our video library that is constantly updated with new videos and fresh ideas.

Our program is built and maintained by people who have diabetes and by those who care about them. We are NOT associated with a device or drug company– this is a site dedicated to education.

You’ll finish the program feeling better, with more energy and confidence—secure that you know what you need to know to manage your diabetes and be healthy.  You can do this! We’re here to help so let’s get started! Sign up here.


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