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Diabetes– What to Know has created a fun and fast program for people who’ve just been diagnosed with diabetes. We talked to doctors, educators, patients and loved ones just like you to find the most important and overlooked topics to develop our effective program. This combination of videos, emails, and empowering action items that build the skills and knowledge needed to control diabetes to help you live a long and happy life.


What Can You Do?

Encourage your loved one to try out the program and to stick with it. We also invite you to join in and take an active role in the program. Watch the videos together so that you know what they’re learning so you can be helpful and supportive along the way. Here’s a preview of what our program will cover:

Week 1

We’ll show you how to use the blood sugar meter your doctor recommended. There are a few things everyone needs to know to use the machine correctly and have a much less painful experience.

Week 2

We’ll discuss when and how often to test, and how to understand the results. We’ll tell you why there are no good or bad numbers– just good information. Lastly, we’ll teach you why a pair of tests can tell you far, far more than a single test.

Week 3

We’ll explain that there’s no such thing as a diabetes diet. That’s right– there’s no list of foods your loved one can’t eat, and no list of foods they must eat. We’ll discuss the way food affects the body, how diabetes can get in the way of that process, and how to eat the foods you love without causing blood sugar problems.

Week 4

We’ll talk about how even the smallest amount of exercise is good for the body. We’ll show you fun and easy ways to get active, and in no time, you’ll have more energy and be feeling good!

Week 5

We’ll cover the basics of blood pressure and share some tips to keep it in control. Keeping blood pressure levels in target is every bit as important to people with diabetes as controlling blood sugar.

Week 6

We’ll discuss how to deal with the depression that many people with diabetes experience, and how to manage stress. Depression can be a huge issue, and many people don’t realize that it’s a medical condition often triggered by diabetes.

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