Many people with type 2 diabetes have questions about insulin… what does it mean if you have to go on insulin? Why are there so many different types of insulin? What does insulin do in your body?

To understand what’s happening in your body with diabetes (and why at some point, you may need insulin), read our article on “What is diabetes?”  It will explain what happens when you have insulin resistance and why at some point your body may need additional insulin to supplement what it makes naturally.  We suggest that you watch a diabetes educator talks about why insulin is a huge help to people with type 2 diabetes and in this video, Angelina who has type 2 diabetes explains what being on insulin has been like for her.

The diabetes company OneDrop (check out their cool glucose-tracking app here) has also created a great tool that explains what insulin is and provides a list of all the different brands of insulin and how they work.  This is a great reference that will be able to show you how long each insulin will stay in your body, how quickly it starts working and how it compares to other products.  And remember– you can always ask your doctor or diabetes educator if you have any questions about insulin.

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