Making Diabetes Care More Affordable

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If you have type 2 diabetes, you won’t be surprised to hear that people with diabetes have two times the healthcare costs of people without diabetes.  Medication and test strip co-pays, co-pays for office visits, and the cost of healthy food can add up quickly… that’s why we were so happy to see this recent article from Diabetes Self-Management about how to make diabetes care less expensive.

The author outlines a couple different approaches for saving money on diabetes management–

Go online!  There are many great websites that can help you figure out how to pay less for your prescription drugs.  Generic Assistance Program and the Partnership for Prescription Assistance are just two of them.  The article lists several more. 

Find a diabetes advocacy group that can help you walk through what benefits might be available to you. If you’re on Medicare, you might be eligible for Medicaid too and that can result in big savings on prescription co-pays and office visits.

And then we have our own suggestion for people wanting to save money on test strips– be sure to check out Walmart and Amazon’s offerings.  If you love a particular brand of test strips that your insurance doesn’t cover, see if you can buy it on Amazon. Buying strips online can sometimes cost less than your co-pay.  Walmart can also save you money on test strips by buying their ReliOn brand of test strips, which is definitely less than many co-pays out there– you can read about people’s experience with their very affordable ReliOn Prime meter here.  (And just to be clear– Walmart is not a sponsor of this website and we have no financial relationship with them– this recommendation is our own.)  

Be sure to read the full article for lots of money-saving tips and don’t be afraid to ask for help– your health is too important not to see what resources are out there to help you afford the care you need.